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Help Guide: Get Microsoft Office 365 on your Personal Computer

As a student of Gladesmore Community School you have access to Microsoft Office 365 licencing. This licence is assigned to your school email and allows you to download a desktop version of Office 365 on your Windows personal computer, Apple Mac or laptops/MacBooks at home.

This licence is valid from when you join to when you leave Gladesmore Community School. Follow the below instructions to get Office 365.

This guide is for the Windows operating system however the install process for Apple MacOS is highly similar.

  1. Browse to Office.com and Sign-in

  • Click Sign-in

  • Sign-in using your school email and school PC password

2. Click Install Office

  • Click Install Office on the top left of the welcome page

  • Click Office 365 Apps (This will download a program called OfficeSetup)

3. Launch the OfficeSetup Application

  • Launch the OfficeSetup application that just downloaded

  • If you cannot find this it will most likely be in your Downloads folder on Windows or Mac OS.

4. Allow the installer to finish Installing Office

  • The OfficeSetup Installer will immediately begin to download and install Microsoft Office 365 on your PC.

  • This can take anywhere from 20 to 50 minutes depending on your internet connection speed. Sometimes it will seem like it's doing nothing - allow it to run.

5. Once Installed, Launch Word

  • Once the installer has finished launch Word

  • This will be an icon on your Windows 10 Start Menu or an icon in Finder under the Applications folder on Mac OS.

6. Sign-in to Office

  • As soon as you launch Word you will be prompted to Sign-in to activate your office licencing.

  • Click Sign-in and enter your school email and school PC password

7. Finish the Installation

  • After you successfully sign-in to Office there will be a few prompts to finalise the installation, these will be:

  • Allow my organisation to manage my device - This setting does not allow Gladesmore to see or access your Office files or your personal computer. It is a setting that registers your device onto the School's Microsoft Azure platform as a trusted device - this collects data such as Operating System type and version, Computer Name, Device ID, username and owner name. It is up to you should you wish to leave this setting ticked or unticked.

  • Default File Types - It's recommended to keep this setting as Office Open XML formats.

  • Office 365 will now be installed on your PC and ready to be used.

Ensure not to save your documents on your school email One Drive account. Ideally keep your school work saved on your Google Drive to avoid any mix-ups.